Binary Options Basics

Maybe a lot of you want to start trading because your friends or someone you know started making timeframe amounts of money from binary options trading, but you are afraid because you simply don’t know much about it. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will cover all the basics of binary options trading, and once you’re done reading the article, you will be ready to start making money on your own.

So, first of all, how does binary options trading work?
Binary trading doesn’t involve any buying or selling; you can look at it as if it were a ”bet”. So no matter how much an asset or a commodity is worth you will always be able to place money in the amount that you want. If you want to place money on a trade, it can only go one of two ways. That’s why it’s called binary. You can either ”call” that the value of an asset will rise, or you can opt ”put” if you think that it will decrease.

Once you’ve decided on an asset and on the amount of money you want to place, you will have to determine an expiry time as well. This is all customizable and adjusted by you and you only. If you think that the price of oil will change in seven days and that it will increase, you place ”call”, set an expiry time to seven days and simply wait for the deadline. Just go to and get your first lessons on trading. If you win, you will get a percentage of money in winning, usually seventy to ninety percent and if you lose you will still get a portion of your money back, most likely around ten percent.

Ok, now that you know how it works, you are probably wondering, what can I trade?
With binary options trading, you can trade almost anything, stocks, commodities, assets, indices and so on. What’s very important is that you can trade all these things from the same platform. If you find the right broker, you can simply stay there and do all your business from that one website. No matter if it’s to determine the future price of gold, Samsungs’ stock or United State’s dollars.

So, how long do the trades last?
We’ve covered most of this in the first segment, but once more, you and you alone are the one who determines the time frame. You can set an expiry time anywhere from thirty seconds up to one month. Simply find the time frame which suits you best and go for it.

In conclusion
Binary options trading is very simple; there are only a few steps you need to follow and one of two options to choose from. This boils down to fifty percent chance of success, so even if you don’t know anything about the trade you are about to do, you still have a good chance to win money. As you get more skilled, you will keep increasing your percentage of winnings and then you will realize just how lucrative this method is. Good luck and have fun.


Author: David Mitchell

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